Reach your customers on Come2innovate

Post your banner ads on Come2innovate, rent your advertising space(s) and manage your ads and your budget yourself throughout the rental period.

By becoming an advertiser on our platform, you have the possibility to rent one or more advertising spaces for a given period and modify your advertising banners during the entire rental period.


The procedures are very simple:

·         Become a member of our Come2innovate-Network

·         Select the advertising space that’s right for you and click on the button "New Campaign" 

·         Define your budget and contract, write your ad and decide when you want it to appear

·         You will receive the validation email of your campaign within 8 working hours (Your advertisements must comply with all applicable laws, regulations and rules, as well as our Advertising Rules).

·         As soon as you receive the validation email of your advertising you can load your advertiser account by choosing your appropriate payment method (MasterCard, VisaCard or Paypal) and if you want to pay by bank transfer you must send us the transfer notice by email.

·         As soon as your payment is successful, your banner will be visible on our platform within 8 working hours.

·         To make your advertising more attractive you can at any time modify your banners (image, UR, date ....) And request a new validation.

·         We will proceed to the new validation within 8 working hours and if your balance is sufficient your advertisement will be displayed automatically, if not, you will receive an email to remind you to load your account.


In the map below you will find the names of pages that contain advertising spaces:

Come2innovate's Ad System is not complete and not ready to be used!

Thank you for your interest!

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