The "horrible" asteroid approaching the earth ... and fears of a "disaster"

1138 Views | Oct 3, 2018

The "horrible" asteroid approaching the earth ... and fears of a "disaster"

According to astronomical reports, a huge celestial body will approach our planet at the end of October, fearing that it will lead to disaster if it collides with the Earth.

The Orb reached its closest point to Earth at the end of October 2015, when it rose to 320,000 km from the Earth.

Earlier this year, the Andalusian Institute's scientist and astrophysics professor, Pablo Snatos Sanz, published the specifications for the orb in a research paper and is expected to travel 24 million miles in 2018.

This is known in scientific circles as "Asteroid 2015 TB145" and is referred to by other names such as "Terror asteroid", given its proximity to Earth, after the celebration of "Halloween" " in the USA.

According to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", the next approach to this land-based asteroid will take decades, as the approach will not be wider in early November 2088.

NASA has made great progress in developing a vehicle that can hit moving bodies and move them away from the planet we live on to avoid catastrophic damage.

The purpose of the DART Re-Test project is to study celestial objects, to identify their nature in detail, and then to disrupt the path they travel through space and move them away from the planet using collision.

After NASA agreed to use the space system sooner, the platform is expected to be launched in 2020 to target an object called Didimus, whose diameter does not exceed 160 meters. It will only be a test. The biggest bet is that the system can confuse Asteroids are bigger and more dangerous.

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horrible asteroid

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How strange is the universe!