What is Come2innovate

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What is Come2innovate

About Come2innovate

Come2innovate is a social platform based on four interrelated themes, a social network, a News page [InnovationSpace] based essentially on the articles of our members, a free E-library that allows you to read, download or publish your documents and eBooks for free and a Headhunter page that allows our members to be visible to recruiters and provides the opportunity for companies to discover rare profiles and hidden talents.


We put at your disposal a member space with a public profile that contains your presentation, your contact information, your CV, your links to your accounts on other social networks.

Become a member of our global Network Come2innovate, It's #free

  • Create your Network & Follow your interests
  • Add or Share posts on your profile
  • Publish articles on the News Page [Innovation Space] 
  • Complete your CV to be visible to recruiters on the page [Headhunter]
  • Read online & download ebooks for free from our E-library
  • Publish your documents online for free from our E-library
  • Increase your visibility and make known your #business
  • Discover rare profiles and hidden talents to accelerate the #growth of your business
  • Be aware of the latest #innovations and novelties in your field.

Come2innovate- E-Library: Online Reading & Free download

We aim to bring together the largest number of scientific, technical and human science eBooks and documents to create a huge free digital library by allowing our members to publish for free their documents and eBooks. All documents and eBooks published on our E-LIBRARY are available online or in PDF for free.

Discover the innovations and news of our members

Come2innovate is a social platform that allows you to always be aware of the latest innovations and novelties in your sector, it is a free space of convergence of different forms of innovation that allows you to discover, communicate and improve your relationships.

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