NASA will test a silent supersonic aircraft

534 Views | Nov 5, 2018

NASA will test a silent supersonic aircraft

NASA has developed a silent supersonic technology, namely that its planes are able to cross the sound barrier without tearing the ears of ground personnel.

The US agency will conduct full-scale tests in November. She chose the city of Galveston Texas. During a predefined period, it will conduct a public operation to collect the feeling of the inhabitants of the city overflown by an F / A-18 Hornet equipped with this technology.

At least 500 local volunteers will give their opinion as a result of this experiment. Floor mounted audio sensors will bring a more scientific result.

Operation officials hope that these tests will enable them to determine the tolerable level of supersonic booms on a daily basis.

This data will allow NASA engineers to fine-tune their settings in the construction of the NASA X-59, a supersonic silent aircraft.

This aircraft is expected to begin its first flight tests in 2021 to fly over residential areas starting in 2023.

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