NASA: the Earth oscillated during its rotation, drifting about 10 meters more than the last century

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A team of scientists working at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California discovered that the Earth oscillated during its rotation, drifting about 10 meters more than the last century.

Following changes during the 20th century, NASA created models using observational data to identify the changes that make the Earth oscillate as part of a phenomenon called polar movement.

The Earth drifts and oscillates as it rotates.

NASA has identified three main reasons for the movement of the planet this way:

- Ice retreat: the scientists felt that he was the only one responsible for this oscillation.

This decline occurs when glaciers cover a large area, resulting in pressure on the surface of the planet and a bump at the edge of the ice.

As the glaciers dissolve, the landforms change, redistributing the mass of the Earth. Although the last ice age ended 26,000 years ago, the planet is slowly changing.

- The second factor is what is called "thermal convection of the sheath". This theory, like the melting ice, suggests that the conversion of large rocks in the heart of the Earth could be at the origin of certain fluctuations of the planet. These rocks move like pieces in a soup that heats on the furnace, goes up and down, causing a fundamental displacement of the mass of the planet.

The third and final cause of the Earth's fluctuation is due at least in part to the human impact, due to the rapid warming of the environment caused by climate change.

The melting of the ice caps at Greenland has transformed 7,500 gigatons of ocean ice, which has changed the weight distribution and may have contributed to the tilting of the Earth.

It also means that the Greenland site has a greater impact on the Earth's oscillation following the melting of Antarctic ice.

During the last century, our planet recorded a gap of 10.5 cm per year to the west, which changed the oscillation position by about 10 meters.

Volatility is not a major threat to life, but it creates challenges for navigation.

Source: Mirror

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