Samsung launches Tile TV. You can change the size as desired!

239 Views | Jan 8, 2019

Samsung launches Tile TV. You can change the size as desired!

Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, has unveiled a new model of "wall" television, which can be divided into panels to change its size and shape, based on the "tile" principle.

According to reports, the South Korean company used the "Microlide" panels in this technology, a panel of many of the lights of the microscopic forms of pixels or pixels, to produce "tiles". tile TV.

The tiles can be combined to form a 75-inch home TV in any way, reported British Telegraaf.

The state-of-the-art television is only for houses designed by Samsung, according to the company in a statement, which means that people can add other parts to increase their size, for example, to follow the latest sports.

The "Tile" system also means that it will be easy to repair the TV if the screen is damaged, instead of changing the entire screen, it can only repair the damaged "Tile".

The unveiling of the new television at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but he announced no date for the launch, but he is still in the initial stages.

On the new TV, the company provides tablet computers that allow the user to determine what is displayed on the screen, displays panels when no programs or movies are displayed, or when the user does not want to watch the TV.

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