The Chinese Royole presents the first folding smartphone: the FlexPai

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The Chinese Royole presents the first folding smartphone: the FlexPai

While Samsung and Huawei seemed to be the main players in the race to draw the first foldable smartphone market, a Chinese manufacturer, Royole, has created the surprise. Its flexible terminal, called FlexPai, also pays the luxury of shipping a certain Snapdragon 8150

The Chinese manufacturer, specializing in technologies including flexible slabs, presented Wednesday the first folding smartphone market. As might be expected for the first generation of this type of device, it is more of a tablet-sized machine that can bend in half along a kind of hinge. The FlexPai features a 7.8 "Amoled 7.8" (1920 x 1440 px) Amoled panel (190.35 x 134 x 7.8 mm), (320 g).

The smartphone Royole also claims another first. To animate Water OS 1.0 (operating system based on Android 9.0), it relies on a certain Snapdragon 8150 - the successor of Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm,. 6 or 8 GB RAM depending on the configurations should ensure relative fluidity. The internal memory comes in 128, 256 and 512 GB, which does not prevent the manufacturer to have provided a microSD port.

FlexPai 2
Provided with a bulk of two 16 and 20 megapixel cameras, a Type-C USB port, a fast-charging 3800 mAh battery and a second SIM slot, the FlexPai is a hardware-based device. the height of this first - even if the initial returns show finishes that reflect the eagerness of the manufacturer. Its selling price suffers: it goes to China from 8,999 to 12,999 yuan, or from 1,139 to 1,646 euros. On his English-language site, Royole has the delicacy of offering euro-denominated prices for what he calls a "developer model". The "painful" amounted to € 1,388 for all orders of 128 GB, and € 1,539 to 256 GB. As with major manufacturers, the additional memory is not exactly cheap.

Unaccustomed to the role of mass manufacturer, Royole should not produce a very large number of FlexPai. The issue, however, is probably not there, but more in the technical demonstration that, whatever happens, will have already attracted a few glances.

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