Apple apologizes for the scandal of eavesdropping on others through the application of FaceTime!

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Apple apologizes for the scandal of eavesdropping on others through the application of FaceTime!

After the "scandal" that shook the image of the company, Apple, the US, apologized to all users for a serious vulnerability that allows users of the application "TimeTime" eavesdropping on the recipient of the call, even if not connected to the application.

The company said in a statement that it solved the problem that was the collective talks on Apple's servers, and indicated that it will launch an update for users next week, and expressed its thanks to the family Thambson, which rushed to report the serious gap, earlier in January "We sincerely apologize, but those who have been harmed or who are concerned about this vulnerability, and we can only appreciate the patience of everyone while we care about it," she said.

She added that once the company engineers learned of the vulnerability until they disabled the group conversation feature in which the problem was detected and then they started working to overcome the problem. The company also promised to simplify the procedures that allow people to report security vulnerabilities Products.

Grant Thompson, 14, was making contact with FaceTime on a day off from school when he discovered something that had turned into a fuss on social platforms. The boy called a friend through the application but did not reply. , And then added a number of friends in a conversation group. The surprise is that Grant is able to hear all about the phone of the first friend who did not respond, and after the participants noticed the conversation they tried to repeat it again, and the result revealed that they are even able to access the camera of the person who did not have to contact.

Michel Tambson, the mother of the child, said she did everything in her power to alert Apple to the gap. She turned to correspondence and contacted the company as she went to social platforms. The mother, who works as a lawyer in Arizona, Resolve the serious vulnerability before the bad people are aware of it and exploit it.

On January 20, the mother wrote to her Twitter and Facebook accounts: My son discovered a serious flaw in Apple's new operating system. Because of this gap, the user can listen to you on iPhone and iPad without your consent. I have a video that proves this, and I also reported on Apple's gap. Now I'm waiting to hear an answer that gives details, it's scary. "

The mother avoided disclosing more details about the gap, but criticized Apple for the complex security reporting procedures.

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