Free energy free world

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Free energy free world
The scientific community tends to ignore research or ideas that are not traditional or that go against the traditional#scientificmethod of#analysisand building new perceptions and this makes the progress of humanity slow. In addition, the major#economicgroups that do not wish to change the current situation establish this scientific liquidation by restricting#researchersand#inventorswho propose#ideasthat would re-establish a more mature and fair world.
The field of free energy has become a reality that the ruling big companies cannot ignore, otherwise it will leave the scene permanently. Therefore, it is more preferable for the decision-makers in these companies to open their laboratories for this field because the ideas of free energy that were previously suppressed are emerging from everywhere by a new generation of inventors not subject to anyone
The starting point for the biggest change in contemporary history is the free#energywhich is enough for everyone, and that the human started his first steps by trying to exploit it. You just have to merge with the natural,
Disturb the natural state of equilibrium and take advantage of the spontaneous return to balance to produce energy.
We can use this principle to produce free energy from everything around us, such as atmospheric pressure, hydrostatic pressure, and gravity.
I would like to invite all institutions and researchers interested in this field to continue researching these systems.

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