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The scientific community tends to ignore research or ideas that are not traditional or that go against the traditional scientific method of analysis and building new perceptions, and this makes the progress of humanity slow. In addition, the major economic groups that do not wish to change the current situation establish this scientific liquidation by restricting researchers and inventors who propose ideas that would re-establish a more mature and fair world.

The field of free energy has become a reality that the ruling big companies cannot ignore, otherwise it will leave the scene permanently. Therefore, it is more preferable for the decision-makers in these companies to open their laboratories for this field because the ideas of free energy that were previously suppressed are emerging from everywhere by a new generation of inventors not subject to anyone.

Atmospheric pressure machine
Frigorific cycle atmospheric machine
Hydrostatic machine

Disturb the natural state of equilibrium and take advantage of the spontaneous return to balance to produce energy.

We can use this principle to produce free energy from everything around us, such as atmospheric pressure, hydrostatic pressure, and gravity.

I would like to invite all institutions and #researchersto continue researching these systems.

You can use these researches to your own profits (final course projects, theses, development, construction...) without any legal problem.

The descriptive documents of my inventions are available on Amazon in English and French in two books.

EBOOK 1: Free inventions For Free energy



I gave up the industrial property rights of these inventions to contribute to the development of the field of free energy and to open new horizons to research in this field, which I consider as the only haven for humanity to get rid of water and food shortage problems.

This book contains the descriptive documents of my three inventions which open new horizons in the field of energy production by atmospheric pressure and hydrostatic pressure.

1. Atmospheric pressure machine

2. Hydrostatic machine

3. Frigorific cycle atmospheric machine

I would like to invite all institutions and #researchers interested in this field to continue researching these systems.

EBOOK 2: invention of a new protective device against current leaks without grounding



You can manufacture and market this invention because I have given up my industrial property rights to help save lives from electrical hazards, especially since most of the victims are poor people who cannot install an earth ground connection.

This invention is related to a new protective device against indirect contact (accidentally energized metallic body) without grounding intended to minimize the risks resulting from the disadvantages of earth leakage circuit breakers and neutral systems to protect millions of users around the world who do not have an earth ground connection where is the greatest number of victims of electric shocks

The device includes a protective device against indirect contact (accidentally energized metallic body) without grounding and a default voltage detector without grounding.

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