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Author : War Narratives Publishing Co

Published date : 1919

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Book Description :
This History of the doings of a Field Company of Australian Engineers, this little book about a little unit in the Great War, has been written of the Company, by the Company, for the Company. It lays no claim to interest the outsider, but does hope to provide a framework on which the old member of the unit can build up memories of his days in the field with the A.I.F. Memories both grave and gay; mention of a dugout at so-and-so may recall that the job cost the life of a mate; the name of a village may raise a smile at the recollection of some good jest so likely to be conceived when high-spirited men are gathered together. The framework is admittedly bare, and the tale might have been made much longer, but it is necessary to restrict the cost of printing in order that the intention may be realised, of distributing at the expense of regimental funds one copy to every man whose name appears on the muster roll. The unit records show the address of the next-of-kin in Australia of every man, and to this address a copy is to be posted. The same considerations of expense prevent the inclusion of maps, but it is hoped that almost every home in Australia will possess a map of the war zone in France, to which reference can be made. Bernapré, Somme, France. March, 1919

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