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Name: Abdulquadri Muhammed

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Am a tech enthusiast. And I love innovations a lot

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The black box

THE BLACK BOX Many things about this object is contrasting. Firstly the name ,the black box ha Read article...


What went wrong with Boeing 737 max 8

Travelling by air to many is the perfect journey, and when you can carry a lot of people at the same Read article...



GENE EDITING, CRISPR. GOOD OR BAD? what if we can create perfect humans?That would be immune to al Read article...


How lights affect our brain

Light is something we can't do without and the sun is the major source of it to us. But over time we Read article...


Hello Energy is the main reason for a lot of inventions and that's because it is needed to solve many problems, so what if we get some from o See more...


Solenoid valve

In engineering and generally science where solving problem is the priority their are some hidden powe Read article...


Farming has been around for a long time now. But it was just not quite long ago when it started to make sense ,mechanized farming was introduced. Here See more...


The water engine man , throwback

THROWBACK :THE TALE OF THE WATER FUEL Using water as fuel is something we would all love if it's e Read article...


The war against the machines.

Are we really reader for the technology revolution?

Catch the gist at


HOW TO SOLVE EXHAUST GAS POLLUTIONS. exhaust gases are one of the major problem of our society as they add to the ever increasing pollution that is s See more...


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